What is the problem?

Patients, families and healthcare providers rely on health research studies such as clinical trials to decide which treatments will work best. When research studies are performed, information on patient outcomes is collected to determine the effects of one treatment versus another. Without complete and detailed descriptions of the outcomes that have been studied, nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals cannot reliably advise on the best treatment options for their patients.


Where is the gap?

While reporting guidelines such as CONSORT have been endorsed by over 600 journals, reporting of outcomes is still deficient and inconsistent; no reporting standard for outcomes in clinical trials and systematic reviews exists. It is unknown what actually constitutes useful, complete reporting of outcomes in trials to knowledge users, such as health care professionals. A first step to enhance the utility of clinical research is to develop a harmonized, evidence- and consensus-based outcome reporting standard — InsPECT. 

How will InsPECT help?

Through the development of a transparent outcome reporting standard, InsPECT will reduce research waste by facilitating evidence synthesis and increasing informed decision making at the bedside. InsPECT will ultimately improve patient and health system outcomes. Take a look at Our Approach to learn more. 

Who will use InsPECT?

InsPECT will be used by individuals responsible for the design, implementation, and reporting of clinical trials. InsPECT may also help scientific journal editors improve the peer review process of clinical trial manuscripts. 


InsPECT is a new reporting guideline under development to help improve the quality of outcome reporting in clinical trials and reduce research waste. The InsPECT development team includes world leaders in health research methodology: clinical trials, literature reviews, and research reporting guidelines. 

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